Construction blogs have been on the rise this past year. Capterra highlights over 20 construction blogs and news sites that are fairly active and this isn’t even a comprehensive list. The construction industry is full of news, innovation and excitement shapes our communities. We did some research and here are the need-to-know construction blogs.

construction blogs

1. AEC Business

This self-described construction blog “for innovators and game-changers” is run by Aarni Heiskanen, Managing Partner at AE Partners and Co-founder of Thinking Portfolio. His background is in architecture and architectural R&D, now consulting for architects, engineers, contractors, IT developers, and their clients. Heiskanen shares ideas, success stories, tools and techniques that you can use to increase your company’s success in writing and via podcast.

Posts to check out:

2. Capterra Construction Management Blog

This blog was started to help software buyers better understand the crowded technology landscape. Though content covers all types of software topics, there are many posts focusing on the construction industry. You can also pitch posts.

Posts to check out:

3. Construction Informer Blog

Regular writers and guest construction bloggers contribute to this compilation of information and participate in free-spirited discussions about building and construction culture. There’s plenty to read, but you can also submit ideas for publication. This construction blog is about current events, useful tools and driving dialog.

Posts to check out:

4. Equipment World Workforce Blog

With multiple authors, this construction blog highlights education, training and recruiting. Other posts are heavily focused on industry news.

Posts to check out:

5. Engineering News-Record

This entire website covers a lot topics with multiple construction blogs associated with a magazine. We assume some of the content on this website is generated by advertisers; however, there is a place to submit stories from firms, like press releases. There is a dedicated workforce section, which is focused on industry trends.

Posts to check out:

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