Is Tinder Ruining Your Hiring Strategy?

Today's landscape is changing as quickly as the technology that powers it. That doesn’t just apply to what we consume, but also how we consume it. How? Let's take the dating app Tinder. Its slogan is "A SWIPE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE". Many hiring authorities are missing the cultural importance... Read more

5 Ways To Survive, Or Even Enjoy (Gasp!) Thanksgiving This Year

Don't be a turkey! Whether you are spending the holidays with family, friends or perhaps even a group of relative strangers, there are many ways to get into the spirit and enjoy yourself this season. (1) Express Gratitude. Practicing gratitude can increase your happiness levels by about 25%. Her... Read more

Want The Job? Think Like A Hiring Manager.

We all have a tendency to try to reach each others' minds, especially during a job hunt. We want to find that dream job and nail the interview. Do a simple online search for job searching tips and these are the kinds of headlines you'll find: 5 Secrets Hiring Managers Wish Job Seekers Knew - Career... Read more

Revising Your Resume? Boost Your Skills!

Keywords may just sound like a marketing buzzword, but the language you use, how concise you are, and the formatting you use all contribute to scannability and appeal of your resume. These are key to landing an interview, especially for roles that have many applicants. While revising your resume, re... Read more

March Madness – Welcome To The Life Of A Career Recruiter

For a recruiter - every day is March Madness.   Finding hidden talent is not easy. You are competing with EVERYONE to pick the perfect bracket. Your colleagues, your client, your external competitors, job boards, LinkedIn, and every networking association out there. The competition i... Read more

Your Job Is Not The Problem – You Are!

The average person spends 90,000+ hours at work over their lifetime: from the age of 20 – 65, for 40 hours a week, with two weeks of vacation a year. • Are you stuck in a crappy job? • Are you counting down the days until your next vacation? • Do you live for long weekends? ... Read more

Create A Fool-Proof Job Description

Setup For Success Accurate job descriptions are an essential part of hiring AND managing employees. One more time… an essential part of hiring AND managing employees. If you want to run a successful team, you must ensure that your applicants and employees understand their roles and accountability... Read more

3 Ways To Turbocharge Your Career With Job References

Before you even begin to seek new job opportunities, consider compiling your job references. Avoid saving this step for the last minute, rushing to track down contacts and reaching out regarding their availability. Also, get in touch now! Ask questions and gain insight from them regarding their exp... Read more

Show Me The Money! You Got A Raise. Now What?!

All that hard work has finally paid off! You got a raise at work. Now what? As you bask in the glow of a job well done, planning ahead for your new future should stay in the forefront of your mind. After all, it takes money to make money! But even just a little boost can get help get you star... Read more

Hire For Attitude, Train For Skills

The most valuable traits in the new economy are curiosity, communication, attitude, and largess. This is the mantra of leading business thinkers. There is a scarcity of top grade employees in most arenas out there. Every day we see clients reject potentially great candidates because they are no... Read more

16 Tips To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn and other Social networking sites a great way to reconnect and / or stay connected with old contacts that you may risk losing touch with over the years. The platform also has thousands of groups devoted to practically every aspect of the construction industry. Or, you can start your own. O... Read more