Knowledge IS Power: Get Your Employer To Pay For Training

Many organizations are more than willing to help employees grow professionally, but it's easy to feel awkward about asking for financial assistance from your current employer in this tight economy. These tips will help you secure funding from your boss for professional training and development op... Read more

What are your Gold Standards of Business?

What are the Gold Standards of your business? What are the values by which your company is run? Is your company vision so clear that your employees could clearly articulate those values to a stranger and perform them on a daily basis? What’s the difference between your company and your #1 compet... Read more

Teamwork DOES Make The Dream Work

It's easy... right? You just need to find the "right" people with the required skills and put them in a room together. They’re smart and they know their stuff: they’ll figure it out. Except it doesn’t always work out that way. A strong team needs an even stronger leader who isn’t afraid t... Read more

You Had Me At “Hello”: When Culture Trumps Money

Who needs a good pitch when your company culture speaks for you? [embed][/embed] About 70% of your employees hate their job. That is some bad PR! A staggering 96% of people think that their workplace culture needs a change. According to a recent Booz &a... Read more

Jobsite Hijinks

A little "Hump Day" fun.  Kids, don't try these Jobsite hijinks at home. I'm pretty sure OSHA must have been on break. This is one of those mom moments where it could "all end in tears." If the video is real, the nail gun precision is super impressive but, next time safety first fellas. [embed]ht... Read more

Who Said Talk Is Cheap?

When exactly did the recession start? For us, it was September 2008. I’m not sure when it ended, but one thing is for certain, in our business it’s definitely over. Like most companies, it was a very difficult 6+ years, but it’s a different story today. The market is so hot now, that when ... Read more

Worth It? The Real Cost Of A Student Loan.

The United States now holds $1.2 trillion in collective student loan debt, and college graduates from 2014 left school with an average debt of $33,000, according to Mark Kantrowitz, senior vice president and publisher of, a paying for college resource. How does this impact you? Know th... Read more

3 Reasons People Love To Hate Recruiters

I've spent over a decade in some version of recruiting and I've evolved from the timid girl on the phone coaxing for candidate and client attention to a woman with a passionate conviction, knowing what I have to offer is valuable and if someone isn't ready to receive my value, well... so be it. ... Read more

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

This weekend marked the opening of The Observatory at One World Trade Center to the public. One World Trade is a thing of beauty for so many reasons, but it couldn't have come to fruition without the hard work and dedication of all the skilled construction professionals it took to build it. Ev... Read more

Listen To Music While You Work

Listening to music while you work has a significant impact on your brain. When you listen to music, a part of your brain that triggers the release of the 'pleasure chemical' dopamine is activated. This travels down a pathway in the brain called the "Reward System." Dopamine is the same chemical t... Read more

The Skills Gap: Who’s to blame?

As executive recruiters we get calls from companies every day interested in hiring us to look for talent. The market has certainly changed and after some very rough years things have started to pick up in a big way in the construction industry. We hear time and time again that there is a serious... Read more

Fire your “Director of Desertion”

You don’t have one? Oh, yes you do. In these times of talent wars, of zero candidates being available, and with almost every construction company needing some new hires, the No. 1 thing owners and leaders can do is protect the good staff that they already have. If you become a company that em... Read more