Home Run Hiring

When you go to Fenway Park you’re never in any doubt about the score. The scoreboard says it all. Each team, the umpires, coaches and the all the fans are on the same page. It got me thinking, do clients have a hiring scoreboard? It’s rare that one person makes a hiring decision alone. So, how ... Read more

How good is your recruiting pitch?

How do you get the best candidates from the best companies to join your team? When a candidate walks away from your interview they should be clear on what your company stands for and why they should leave their job for you. They're not looking for just a job, they are looking for an opportunity t... Read more

WHY should I hire you?

Almost all interviews have this one question in common:  WHY should I hire you? How do you ensure that your response is insightful and compelling?      Use the K.I.S.S. metric.    Keep - It - Simple - Stupid.  Be concise and give examples of your worth. So, how do you do this.  Firstly, Go... Read more

How many leaders does it take to lead?

“The reality is, leaders are not developed in schools”. We love this quote by William Pelster, Principal  Deloitte Services LP.  There's no one size fits all type of leadership. It depends on your company lifecycle, product development, growth strategy, the list goes on. Take 3 minutes to c... Read more

Technology – making site work easy.

Technology and it's business applications: think of all the buzz words, efficiency, communication and community, redundancy, deliverable, collaborating, scheduling, cost control and the list goes on. Well we came across PlanGrid and we think it's pretty fantastic. For companies embracing technolo... Read more

The Top 10 Project Planning Pitfalls

Great reminder of the pitfalls of poor project management. It doesn't' matter what industry you are in, these basics ring true for all professional Project Managers.  See how many of these issues you can head-off on your next project. Source: visua.ly  ... Read more

Construction Recruiters, Inc. – About Us

Construction Recruiters, Inc. is a boutique retained search agency focused on building the companies that build Boston. Since 2001, we have been a strategic talent acquisition partner for our clients throughout the Northeast and specialize in the permanent placement of middle to upper management ... Read more

“Creating the best Workplace on Earth”

According to the Harvard Business Review, building “the organization of your dreams.” is both easier, and harder, than one might imagine. After 3 years of extensive research with executives around the world and within various industries they came up with the following "Dream Company Diagnostic" ... Read more

Contour Crafting – Is this the future of construction?

Imagine a world in which a 2,000 sq ft home, embedded with all the conduits for electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning, was constructed in 24 hours! Well Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, from the University of Southern California did. He developed a tec... Read more