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Listen To Music While You Work

Listening to music while you work has a significant impact on your brain. When you listen to music, a part of your brain that triggers the release of the 'pleasure chemical' dopamine is activated. This travels down a pathway in the brain called the "Reward System." Dopamine is the same chemical t... Read more

How To Make Sure Company Culture Suits YOU

Corporate culture is a set of values, norms and behaviors that are shared by individuals and groups within an organization. This is a vital component to job searching and finding the right fit for you. Although recognized as important for employee retention, company culture is still not considered f... Read more

Successfully Negotiate Your Next Salary Increase

Asking for a raise is stressful. Some argue that you should stay away from salary negotiations; that increases in pay are a natural part of business and management will recognize your value. This may have been true in the past when many businesses had the same structures and procedures in place, no ... Read more

Interview Tips & Tricks: How To Ace The Face-To-Face

Finding a new job is a process. The best results require planning and intentional effort. Prepare to succeed or prepare to fail. Or, as Benjamin Franklin once said: "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Would you start building a house without careful planning? Find a location: P... Read more

Time & Labor Management Are An Art

Is there ever enough time in the day? The highest achievers manage their time and labor exceptionally well - focusing on results rather than activities. Being busy isn't the same as being effective. It is vital to organize and plan how much time and resources you commit to specific activities... Read more

Why you will fail to have a great career

The pursuit of a great career. Is it really just a matter of luck or is that the excuse you’re telling yourself? According to Larry Smith, a professor of economics at the University of Waterloo, people don't pursue their passion because of the fabricated stories they tell themselves. Most peop... Read more

5 Greatest Values Of Forgotten Business Ideas

In 2011, Big Think ran excerpts from all the lessons that made up their first online course, Great Big Ideas. Our entire history of innovation is very much the story of how old ideas are rediscovered, and the way that succeeding generations find new applications for these ideas. There is a lot of v... Read more

Make A List, Check It Twice

Is your to-do list endless? Are there things on your list that just never seem to get crossed off? If you’re like most people, the list just gets longer and more frustrating daily. So how can you make your to-do list work for you? Step 1: List everything. It’s happened to everyone. You’r... Read more

5 Ways To Fix Your Listening Skills

Communication is not just about what you say out loud. It’s not just about body language and eye contact. And it’s definitely not just about e-mails and text messages. Good communication requires strong listening skills. Since there are many benefits to effective communication in the workplace... Read more

4 Steps To Forming New Habits

There are many reasons you may be looking to form a new habit at work. Maybe your life circumstances have changed, maybe your professional responsibilities have increased, or maybe you just really want to set yourself apart and win that next promotion. Whatever your reasons are, there are some simpl... Read more

How To Avoid Workplace Annoyances That Harm Your Team

Negativity at work slows down production. Persistent negativity zaps energy, reduces morale and diverts critical attention from work. Gary S. Topchik, the author of Managing Workplace Negativity, explains that negativity is often the result of a loss of confidence, control, or community. Identifying... Read more