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Creativity Is The Key To A Great Career

Creativity cannot be replaced by technology. Creativity is the driver for change. It takes guts to be creative. Being creative means putting yourself out there in a way that pushes comfort levels and could possibly make you look foolish. But, when you get it right, it’s magic. Case in point. T... Read more

Tips For Effective Communication On The Job

Communication affects teamwork in positive and negative ways. When teams practice effective communicate, they trust each other more.  This reduces unnecessary competition and helps employees work together. The quantity and quality of communication within a team are both important. When your p... Read more

WHY should I hire you?

Almost all interviews have this one question in common:  WHY should I hire you? How do you ensure that your response is insightful and compelling?      Use the K.I.S.S. metric.    Keep - It - Simple - Stupid.  Be concise and give examples of your worth. So, how do you do this.  Firstly, Go... Read more

The Top 10 Project Planning Pitfalls

Great reminder of the pitfalls of poor project management. It doesn't' matter what industry you are in, these basics ring true for all professional Project Managers.  See how many of these issues you can head-off on your next project. Source:  ... Read more