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How To Avoid Workplace Annoyances That Harm Your Team

Negativity at work slows down production. Persistent negativity zaps energy, reduces morale and diverts critical attention from work. Gary S. Topchik, the author of Managing Workplace Negativity, explains that negativity is often the result of a loss of confidence, control, or community. Identifying... Read more

Hiring Is A Pain In The Butt

Hiring is a pain in the butt. Let’s face it, everyone knows it, and no one wants to do it. This German job fair has take a pretty "creative" approach to attracting talent but most of our clients don’t have the time or energy to do this. We estimate about 10 % of candidates are top-shelf, th... Read more

Keep Your Keepers: Pay Your Employees Fairly

Pay your employees fairly. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you should always pay your employees the highest salary in the marketplace. I have successfully placed many high level professionals in positions for "less" money because of different perceived benefits. Factors like more growth ... Read more

3 Team Management Tools That Work

Managing a team is hard work. Administrative and soft skills are under-appreciated and under-utilized within most organizations, but people-management is invaluable, often a requirement to growing your team and getting things done. From benefits administration and payroll to collaboration and perks... Read more

Does your company culture pass the sniff test?

Authenticity is one of the most essential parts of your company culture today. Iconoculture found that the majority of U.S. consumers feels that "being genuine and authentic is extremely important for me and for the things and people in my life." To be authentic is to have a "quality of being genu... Read more

Tips For Effective Communication On The Job

Communication affects teamwork in positive and negative ways. When teams practice effective communicate, they trust each other more.  This reduces unnecessary competition and helps employees work together. The quantity and quality of communication within a team are both important. When your p... Read more

Keep Your Keepers: 5 Tips To Successful Onboarding

There is nothing worse than starting a new job and not knowing what you are doing? That's why every company needs an onboarding strategy. Being the new kid in town means asking questions about everything, from simple facilitates questions like “where’s the bathroom?” to “how do you log onto... Read more

ABF: Always Be Firing

Why Firing Your Bottom 10% of Underperforming Staff Makes Good Business Sense. I firmly believe, that in this economy, with full employment in our construction industry, staff retention is absolutely imperative for firms to thrive and prosper. But not all staff – only the committed, good ones. ... Read more

Baby Boomers: Maintain This Talent Resource

Let’s talk about Baby Boomers. Nobody wants to think about losing this knowledge bank of institutional, technical and managerial resources. But, we should start a dialogue about what it means to our construction industry. The statistics are overwhelming: as of 2011, an average of 10,000 America... Read more

What’s it Like to Work for Me?

Other than playing my 36 lefty guitars, there is no other one thing in my life that I have done longer than recruiting. I love it. I was born to do this job, but it is becoming more and more difficult. Recruiting is changing before my very eyes. Coming up on two decades now, I sometimes think I have... Read more

How To Keep Your Keepers: Hire The Right Person

By day I’m a executive recruiter, by night I’m in a band – a hard rock band that writes, records and performs original music in and around Boston. That means our band has to be tight! "So what" says you! Well, both of the things I’m passionate about require me to be a great team build... Read more

No more jobs – Just Tours of Duty!

I want to be the first to come out and say this: Isn’t it time for employers and employees to admit that loyalty and stability, as we knew them, are long gone. Most hiring authorities know that in reality, they are in no position to offer a long term career to their new or existing employees any... Read more

Recruiting IS Marketing

With talent scarcity remaining, how do you get THE best candidates from your competitors to WANT to join your team? The days where people just show up and “buy” what you have to offer are gone. You need to engage and encourage candidates to want to come to your place of business. Think bac... Read more

Don’t hire “Good Guys”

As recruiters, one of the most common things we hear from decision makers is “bring me a good guy.”  We can almost bet when we ask for a definition of a “good guy,” they’ll say “I’ll know him when I see him” or “you know what I mean, you’re a Recruiter”! It still amazes... Read more

Who hired him! The cost of a Bad Hire

If you saw the movie Bad Santa you'll recognize what a bad hire can look like. Willie, aka Santa, might have scrubbed up as St. Nick, but he was bad to the bone. Willie was a conman and I'll suited to the position, and yet someone hired him.  Take a look around your office, do you have a Willie... Read more