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Hire For Attitude, Train For Skills

The most valuable traits in the new economy are curiosity, communication, attitude, and largess. This is the mantra of leading business thinkers. There is a scarcity of top grade employees in most arenas out there. Every day we see clients reject potentially great candidates because they are no... Read more

Don’t Hire “Good Guys”

As recruiters, one of the most common things we hear from decision makers is "bring me a good guy." We can almost bet when we ask for a definition of a "good guy," they'll say "I'll know him when I see him" or "you know what I mean, you're a Recruiter!" It still amazes us how many hiring man... Read more

Hiring is going to cost you one way or another.

2016 is off to a great start. The good news: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that as of December the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.0 percent. The construction industry showed strong job growth for the third consecutive month, gaining 45,000 jobs in December. T... Read more

What are your Gold Standards of Business?

What are the Gold Standards of your business? What are the values by which your company is run? Is your company vision so clear that your employees could clearly articulate those values to a stranger and perform them on a daily basis? What’s the difference between your company and your #1 compet... Read more

Who Said Talk Is Cheap?

When exactly did the recession start? For us, it was September 2008. I’m not sure when it ended, but one thing is for certain, in our business it’s definitely over. Like most companies, it was a very difficult 6+ years, but it’s a different story today. The market is so hot now, that when ... Read more

Fire your “Director of Desertion”

You don’t have one? Oh, yes you do. In these times of talent wars, of zero candidates being available, and with almost every construction company needing some new hires, the No. 1 thing owners and leaders can do is protect the good staff that they already have. If you become a company that em... Read more

Golden Rule of Recruiting

In our business, we have a Golden Rule of Recruiting: There are three types of candidates, “A,” “B,” and “C,” and there are three types of employer “A,” “B,” and “C.” An “A” candidate in an “A” company is a good hire. A “B” candidate in a “B” company is g... Read more

Predictions for Boston Construction 2015

1. Millennials will become 50% of the workforce majority in 2015. Companies that find a way to attract and retain these tech-savvy, independent and adaptable candidates will have a huge competitive advantage. A recent BLS survey noted that 58% of Millennials expect to leave their job in thre... Read more

Deconstructing Construction

  Even though business is booming, we all know the margins in construction are decreasing — at least with hard bid. Profit percentages are so tight, it’s hard to get an edge. With information so freely available, even the laziest of owners can figure out their contractors’ margins, risk, an... Read more

ABF: Always Be Firing

Why Firing Your Bottom 10% of Underperforming Staff Makes Good Business Sense. I firmly believe, that in this economy, with full employment in our construction industry, staff retention is absolutely imperative for firms to thrive and prosper. But not all staff – only the committed, good ones. ... Read more

What’s it Like to Work for Me?

Other than playing my 36 lefty guitars, there is no other one thing in my life that I have done longer than recruiting. I love it. I was born to do this job, but it is becoming more and more difficult. Recruiting is changing before my very eyes. Coming up on two decades now, I sometimes think I have... Read more

No more jobs – Just Tours of Duty!

I want to be the first to come out and say this: Isn’t it time for employers and employees to admit that loyalty and stability, as we knew them, are long gone. Most hiring authorities know that in reality, they are in no position to offer a long term career to their new or existing employees any... Read more

Recruiting IS Marketing

With talent scarcity remaining, how do you get THE best candidates from your competitors to WANT to join your team? The days where people just show up and “buy” what you have to offer are gone. You need to engage and encourage candidates to want to come to your place of business. Think bac... Read more

Don’t hire “Good Guys”

As recruiters, one of the most common things we hear from decision makers is “bring me a good guy.”  We can almost bet when we ask for a definition of a “good guy,” they’ll say “I’ll know him when I see him” or “you know what I mean, you’re a Recruiter”! It still amazes... Read more