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2013 Year in Review & 2014 Outlook

With January already over, our team sat down to discuss what we're seeing and hearing from clients, candidates and the industry as a whole. Here’s our notes on how 2013 played out and trends and opportunities for 2014 in no particular order. General: Salaries, profit margins, and fees are ... Read more

Who hired him! The cost of a Bad Hire

If you saw the movie Bad Santa you'll recognize what a bad hire can look like. Willie, aka Santa, might have scrubbed up as St. Nick, but he was bad to the bone. Willie was a conman and I'll suited to the position, and yet someone hired him.  Take a look around your office, do you have a Willie... Read more

How good is your recruiting pitch?

How do you get the best candidates from the best companies to join your team? When a candidate walks away from your interview they should be clear on what your company stands for and why they should leave their job for you. They're not looking for just a job, they are looking for an opportunity t... Read more

How many leaders does it take to lead?

“The reality is, leaders are not developed in schools”. We love this quote by William Pelster, Principal  Deloitte Services LP.  There's no one size fits all type of leadership. It depends on your company lifecycle, product development, growth strategy, the list goes on. Take 3 minutes to c... Read more

“Creating the best Workplace on Earth”

According to the Harvard Business Review, building “the organization of your dreams.” is both easier, and harder, than one might imagine. After 3 years of extensive research with executives around the world and within various industries they came up with the following "Dream Company Diagnostic" ... Read more