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Hire For Attitude, Train For Skills

The most valuable traits in the new economy are curiosity, communication, attitude, and largess. This is the mantra of leading business thinkers. There is a scarcity of top grade employees in most arenas out there. Every day we see clients reject potentially great candidates because they are no... Read more

Teamwork DOES Make The Dream Work

It's easy... right? You just need to find the "right" people with the required skills and put them in a room together. They’re smart and they know their stuff: they’ll figure it out. Except it doesn’t always work out that way. A strong team needs an even stronger leader who isn’t afraid t... Read more

Define Team Roles & Responsibilities For Project Success

There are many reasons that projects fail. Many challenges are rooted in team participation and engagement. Team members and managers all play an important role in moving projects along, but with great power lies great responsibility. These responsibilities and subsequent roles must be defined.  ... Read more

Golden Rule of Recruiting

In our business, we have a Golden Rule of Recruiting: There are three types of candidates, “A,” “B,” and “C,” and there are three types of employer “A,” “B,” and “C.” An “A” candidate in an “A” company is a good hire. A “B” candidate in a “B” company is g... Read more

Core Values That Attract The Right Candidates

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. They are the guiding principles that dictate the direction of a business and internal workplace culture. There are many different types of core values and many organizations create a list of three to seven words to represent the... Read more

The Importance Of New Employee Orientation

22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. However, new employees who have gone through a structured on-boarding program are 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. [embed][/embed] Everyone hires a new em... Read more

Fuel Your Team With Empathy At Work

In the 2009 book Wired to Care, strategy consultant Dev Patnaik argues that a major flaw in contemporary business practice is a lack of empathy. Empathy fuels connection. Sympathy drives disconnection. Empathy encompasses a broad range of emotional states, including: - caring for other people an... Read more

5 Greatest Values Of Forgotten Business Ideas

In 2011, Big Think ran excerpts from all the lessons that made up their first online course, Great Big Ideas. Our entire history of innovation is very much the story of how old ideas are rediscovered, and the way that succeeding generations find new applications for these ideas. There is a lot of v... Read more

5 Ways To Fix Your Listening Skills

Communication is not just about what you say out loud. It’s not just about body language and eye contact. And it’s definitely not just about e-mails and text messages. Good communication requires strong listening skills. Since there are many benefits to effective communication in the workplace... Read more

ABF: Always Be Firing

Why Firing Your Bottom 10% of Underperforming Staff Makes Good Business Sense. I firmly believe, that in this economy, with full employment in our construction industry, staff retention is absolutely imperative for firms to thrive and prosper. But not all staff – only the committed, good ones. ... Read more

No more jobs – Just Tours of Duty!

I want to be the first to come out and say this: Isn’t it time for employers and employees to admit that loyalty and stability, as we knew them, are long gone. Most hiring authorities know that in reality, they are in no position to offer a long term career to their new or existing employees any... Read more