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5 Ways To Survive, Or Even Enjoy (Gasp!) Thanksgiving This Year

Don't be a turkey! Whether you are spending the holidays with family, friends or perhaps even a group of relative strangers, there are many ways to get into the spirit and enjoy yourself this season. (1) Express Gratitude. Practicing gratitude can increase your happiness levels by about 25%. Her... Read more

March Madness – Welcome To The Life Of A Career Recruiter

For a recruiter - every day is March Madness.   Finding hidden talent is not easy. You are competing with EVERYONE to pick the perfect bracket. Your colleagues, your client, your external competitors, job boards, LinkedIn, and every networking association out there. The competition i... Read more

Jobsite Hijinks

A little "Hump Day" fun.  Kids, don't try these Jobsite hijinks at home. I'm pretty sure OSHA must have been on break. This is one of those mom moments where it could "all end in tears." If the video is real, the nail gun precision is super impressive but, next time safety first fellas. [embed]ht... Read more