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Estimators, Master of Thick Skin

Here are some reasons I give you major props:

  • * You have an amazing capacity for stress.  Knowing that you are racing the clock for completing work for bid day and that so much of the information you require to put your numbers together, is information held by someone else.  If your subs don’t cooperate, or your field team, you might be submitting information that isn’t accurate.
  • * You possess a vast understanding of how to put a project together.  It’s not just about take-offs, but also your insight into what you know from experience exists, even when you don’t see it on the drawings.
  • * You accept the roll of fall guy/gal.  When a PM is trying to complete a profitable job (and their bonus relies on it), I’m betting that it’s pretty common to turn the finger of blame back to the estimating department for missing something or mis-reading documents.
  • * You’ve got mad skills – math, strategy, reading comprehension, visualization and communication skills.

Bottom line, I admire the work you do.  I always love to hear about what’s working for you and what challenges you are facing.  Message me if you are interested in mapping out your next professional move, or simply want to swap some industry stories.


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