Today’s landscape is changing as quickly as the technology that powers it. That doesn’t just apply to what we consume, but also how we consume it.

How? Let’s take the dating app Tinder. Its slogan is “A SWIPE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

Many hiring authorities are missing the cultural importance of Tinder. It has changed the way people meet each other. It has popularized “the swipe” which means you literally get a second or two to make an impression. For those of you who don’t know how Tinder works here’s the deal:

  • Tinder matchSet up an account
  • Set some personal preferences
  • Start your search
  • Swipe “left” to pass if you’re not interested
  • Swipe “right” to like someone
  • If you both swipe right – it’s a “match”
  • You can only message people you match with
  • Then you can “chat” online
  • Maybe go on a date or “Netflix & chill”

It’s that simple. You answer some questions, add 5 of your most attractive/interesting pictures and you get to “swiping”.

Why is this important? A study of 18-30 year-olds found that men spend 85 minutes a day on dating apps and women spend 79 minutes a day, swiping and chatting ONLINE.

This is how our up-and-coming employees and potential hires relate to each other outside of work hours.

Tinder provides endless choices, a visual plethora of content where digital rewards and gaming systems are seeping into how people connect. Why is this important to how we work? The “Tinder Effect” is probably affecting how potential hires are reviewing your company. Here’s how:

(1) Tinder is an APP – so the smartphone is a tool of choice 

  • your company must be able to communicate visually via a smartphone screen

(2) You get just a few seconds to make an impression

  • what is the visual design of your company’s digital messaging

(3) Tinder is a numbers game – quantity often taking precedence over quality

  • your company is just one of many suitors they are accessing so if you want a date, you better stand out from the crowd

(4) It is understood that a Tinder connection is initially expected to be casual in nature

  • companies need to provide something of real value if they want an exclusive relationship with their employees or potential hires or you’ll be stuck in the “Netflix & chill” zone

Potential candidates are SPEED DATING your company’s content so you must make it easy for them to consume your story.

get visual with your construction marketing

Let’s start with your company website. If it takes more than four seconds to load, you’re toast. Remember, Tinder provides a way to visually consume potential matches. If I need to read to learn about your company, good luck in keeping my attention. 

What Can You Do?

For the construction industry, the greatest impact will come from being visual. About your office, your people and your projects. Share your story in bite-size visual chunks. But, hire an expert because your website load time can get killed with visuals if you don’t do it right. They will also make sure your site loads perfectly on handheld devices.

Here’s what we mean:

A great example of a progressive construction company is McCownGordon Construction. They use their social media to promote their people and culture first and foremost. Their process and projects are secondary. Their Instagram bio says it all “We aren’t like most construction companies. While we may pour concrete and erect steel, our real asset isn’t material at all – it’s our people.” Their online presence is fun, relatable and professional.

McCownGordon Construction

If you don’t know where to start, check out the digital presence of a beloved brand, Netflix. Netflix is a technology company but they know their real asset is their people. When you go to their jobs pages, you are immediately presented with a video of its people. The landing page is called “WE ARE NETFLIX”. Their jobs page makes you feel like you want to work there. You get the vibe that this is a cool place to work and it leaves you wanting to know more.

Netflix jobs

Their Instagram is all about its people. The underlying message behind these images is, “can you see yourself as part of our team?”

Netflix instagram

Here’s why being visual is important:

first impressions are visual

There are literally dozens of stats like this. So, ask yourself:

  • Do we have unique, high-quality photos of the more unique and most standard work I do?
  • How is my company visually represented (if at all) online? How can this improve while remaining authentic?
  • How are YOU (as an owner or a manager) appearing online?

Consider your website and social media presence. Getting high-quality imagery doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money or time. Even the smartphones in our pockets take high-quality images and video today. However, a fresh perspective is also key. Consider hiring a local photography student twice a year. This will help build their portfolio, put some money in their pocket, and won’t break the bank on your end. Check out Canva to help quickly create graphics for free. Does your website need a facelift? Use templates.

At the end of the day, you only have a few seconds to connect with potential hires and get them to “swipe right” and hopefully make a match!

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