Acknowledge important milestones.

Thank you

Loyalty and retention tend to increase when a sincere attempt is made on the part of management to remember and acknowledge dates that are important to employees. Things like birthdays, educational or professional development achievements and firm anniversaries would all fit into this category. For newer employees even a six month anniversary is worth recognizing and will probably come as a pleasant surprise to the employee.

Recognition can be as simple as serving a celebratory cake in the afternoon, giving some token of appreciation or simply sending a firm wide email. Of course you could always get more creative. Try to put some thought and originality into the acknowledgement so it doesn’t seem routine. That being said whatever form this recognition takes is always better than no recognition at all.

For the most part these things are simple to do, cost-effective, easily implemented and go a long long way toward boosting employee morale. These gestures can also make it easier to recruit top talent once word gets around that your company is a great place to work.  A little effort in this area can pay big dividends in the long run in many different ways. There is nothing quite like being recognized and appreciated especially when the recognition is unsolicited.

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Image Credit: Michael Mandiberg and Canongirl101