Corporate culture is a set of values, norms and behaviors that are shared by individuals and groups within an organization. This is a vital component to job searching and finding the right fit for you. Although recognized as important for employee retention, company culture is still not considered frequently during job selection. Culture is more abstract than skills, but still identifiable.

Think about it. Over half of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs do so within a year of hire. Much like any relationship, certain fundamentals are the keys to success. While seeking a romantic partner, it’s important to:

  1. Define your core values to discover what you do and do not share.
  2. Understand your own needs to determine if they may be met.
  3. Identify your patterns to proactively manage your own role.
  4. Test drive a potential relationship.
  5. Once dating, go in for a three-month checkup (much like a review).

These steps are important while searching for a new job, too! Start with getting to know yourself. Are you high-energy and creative? Do you prefer more structure? Are you drawn to corporate social responsibility? It’s science!

Once you’ve spent some time determining what’s most important to you, find out what makes each company tick.

Company culture questions to ask during your interview:

  • – What motivates employees within the organization?
  • – What is it that sets your company apart from your competitors?
  • – What really defines who you are as a manager? As a team?
  • – How often do meetings occur? How long do they last?
  • – Do employees participate in social activities together?
  • – What should I expect during my first 3-6 months on the job?

Do you have company culture questions to add? Happy job hunting!

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Image Source: Katie Laird