For a recruiter – every day is March Madness.


March Madness

Finding hidden talent is not easy.

You are competing with EVERYONE to pick the perfect bracket. Your colleagues, your client, your external competitors, job boards, LinkedIn, and every networking association out there. The competition is no joke.

If you don’t win – you don’t make money. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone has the same information and we are all trying to make the perfect pick to advance to the Championship.

It is a game of strategy and probability with live updates to let you know how you are doing.

How you assess talent is what separates you from the pack. You spend your day scouring the talent pool for your Superstars, Steady Eddy’s and cross your fingers for a Cinderella.

You pick your bracket and there are no guarantees no matter what the stats say. Teams you thought were a sure thing might be knocked out of the running for the most basic of mistakes, whilst a dark horse can charge out of nowhere.

You pick your bracket and now you wait hoping to have picked winners and bypass the upsets.

You are constantly checking the leaderboard and questioning yourself;

  • * Did you do enough qualitative and quantitative research?
  • * How did you quantify your picks?
  • * Is your pipeline competitive?
  • * How will the talent perform on the day?
  • * Will your bracket get down to the final 4?

Market research, strategizing, negotiation, selling and closing. It’s all recruiting and making the right picks.

Ultimately, there can only be 1 Champion.

Only the best Recruiter wins.

And then, you start over and do it again.

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