$500 for a Top Candidate introduction

Earn $500 when you “refer a friend” to Construction Recruiters, Inc.

Without great candidates we cannot provide outstanding service to our clients and we know that great candidates like you will often know/work with other great candidates.

That’s why we’d like to extend an opportunity to you through our “refer a friend” program. This program recognizes and rewards the role you can play in helping us place candidates in great jobs.

Sharing referrals are a great way to assist your network in their job search. If you know anyone that may be interested in finding a new construction job, is just putting out initial feelers or may be actively looking for a new career opportunity, we’d like to speak with them.

The deal is simple. Whenever we place a candidate that you’ve recommended to us, we’ll send you a check for $500.

Examples of ideal referral candidates are:

Project Executive, Estimator, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, AutoCAD Designer, Project Accountant.

Who should you refer:

  • People you can vouch for – candidates you have worked with/for and would hire yourself
  • Co-workers or supervisors at your previous jobs you enjoyed working with
  • People you know that are currently unhappy in their current position
  • People commuting more than 30 minutes each way or are traveling extensively for their current job
  • Someone you think is undervalued in their current position

To refer a friend or colleague to us simply complete and submit the form to the right.

Terms and conditions

Please note that our goals is to help  referrals do not apply to individuals who have previously approached Construction Recruiters, Inc. and referral fees will not be provided if employment is termination within the first three months.

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