One of my favorite roles to fill for my clients is that of the Field Superintendent. Not only do I love the typically down to earth, friendly, open, work-horse nature of these guys and gals – I respect the heart and soul that a good Superintendent pours into their work.  I hear so many stories of unbelievable commitment, passion and complete dedication to getting the job done and I wonder if these folks get the appreciation and credit they are due.

In a typical day, a Superintendent will face mental and physical challenges that literally could throw them over the edge.  Think about all the components and requirements that make up the typical day-in-the-life of our field guys/gals.

  • Obscenely Early Risers –  no slouching here.  These guys/gals are up before most.  Up at 4:00, in the car and on site by 5:00 is a common occurrence for the Superintendent.  I admire this.  It can’t be easy to maintain this type of lifestyle.
  • Master Planners/Documenting Machines – every day must be perfectly planned and controlled. No room for careless mistakes – one forgotten task can be disastrous.  I imagine there is a never ending stream of obstacles that screw with the plan and being required to quickly respond to curve balls on a constant basis must be exhausting! I can also appreciate that keeping great notes and documenting every activity on your site could be incredibly tedious.  But the great ones do this, day in and day out.
  • Mad People skills –In order to manage your subs, coordinate with your PM’s and navigate town boards – you must have some serious EQ.  Being able to set expectations, firmly demand attention and execution, massage ego’s as required, build people up when the pressure starts break them down, read body language and tailor your communication style to a crap load of differing personality types…the list goes on.  The excellent Supers, do this every day.  They bask in the satisfaction of managing the human side of a successful project.
  • Loyalty and Passion- You are the face of the company and the personification of your firm’s brand.  You fight battles every day to produce the absolute best product for your client and ensure your company has the reputation of completing on-time, on budget projects. You guys take so much pride in this work and I respect you tremendously for it.

You, maybe more than anyone else in this industry should be taking stock of how well you take care of yourself.  Are you unplugging for the evening, taking time to enjoy life off-site, eating well, getting exercise and spending time with people who replenish you?  You are a breed of your own and your work is appreciated.

Always love to hear your thoughts, and always available to chat about opportunities which can take you to the next level in your career.

Libby Felton
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