Message from Colm Allen, President

“I am a lucky man. Every day I get to do the thing I was born to do. I love Construction and I love Recruiting. As a recruiter, I live by the words ‘IT IS PERSONAL’. Recruiting is one of the most personal professions there is. We help our candidates grow their careers and our clients build their teams. Over the years, we have talked to over 25,000 construction professionals in the greater Boston area. If I have not met you yet, then it’s about time.

I drink lots of coffee and I hate drinking it alone. Heres my 617.216.3666, call me, drop by for coffee and let’s chat.”

“Only for Colm’s work and desire to help when asked did I start to make some movement on the career ladder. Colm has a passion for getting to know an individual on a personal level before he provides direction, which was a big help to me. Would and have continued to direct people I have met towards his services.”


Project Manager – General Contractor

“Colm Allen is one of the best professional recruiters I have ever met. His work ethic is second to none and his honesty and integrity is at the highest level.”


Regional Director – General Contractor

“Colm was a pleasure to work with and made the process of finding a fitting job seem easy and even a little fun. He took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for in an employer to pair me with the perfect company. He worked quickly and efficiently, providing me with great opportunities in a matter of weeks. If anyone is interested in working with Colm, I highly recommend him! If you have the opportunity to work with Colm or looking to do so, I guarantee he will find a perfect match for you.”


CAD/PM – Architects

“Colm helped me to hire a construction executive. I think highly of him as an individual and business consultant. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and has integrity. I highly recommend him.”


Snr Project Manager – Real Estate Deveolper

“Honest, knowledgeable, connected – those are the three words that come to mind when I think of Colm Allen. I have known Colm for 15 years. Ever since I started in real estate I have found Colm to be an invaluable resource for my business. He has an insiders’ knowledge of the market and has more connections in the industry than anyone else I know. He is very approachable, doesn’t “sugar coat” his advice and has been a steady source of referrals over the years. I hope and expect to do business with Colm for many years to come.”


Owner – Real Estate

“Colm Allen is a legendary figure in construction recruiting for his rich knowledge of the industry, matching client-specific requirements with the best qualified candidates. Colm is where the client search needs to start. I’ve known Colm for a dozen+ years and consider him one of the top industry resources that I know to forge new and productive contacts and business relationships. Most importantly, however, Colm is totally committed to his clients, relentless in his search for talented candidates and 100% totally straight-up, I highly recommend him.”


Principal – Consultant

“Colm contacted me in regards to a recruiting effort and my experience in dealing with him has been fantastic! I have enjoyed every conversation we have had. And after each, I have felt like he genuinely cares about what he does and the people he talks to because he is honest in what he says and he listens to what he hears. I recommend Colm very highly!”


Architect Director of Design – General Contractor

“It was obvious that Colm’s 20 years or so of experience has shaped his abilities as a recruiter. His recommendations to my cover letter and resume landed an interview within the next few days. His shear number of connections allow him to produce great matches even for specialists. I will be sending many job seekers his way, and if the time comes to renew the job search, I know whom to contact.”


Sales – Manufacturing & Distribution Sales

“Colm is a true professional, he exceeds expectation and excels in what he sets out to achieve. He met with me in person to discuss my needs and within weeks, I was interviewed and was hired, by a fantastic company. I would recommend Colm and Construction Recruiters to anyone looking for a career in the construction industry in Boston.”


Superintendent – General Contractor

“Working with Colm as a candidate has been an exceptional experience. From the initial contact, he provided me with an incredible service that helped me understand the best suitable role among the various opportunities that he presented to me. During the entire process, I always felt that he genuinely cared and focused on doing the right thing for both the employer and the candidate. He is professional, well prepared and extremely business savvy and I would strongly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a job or to fill a position. On a personal level he is an unbelievable story teller and has a great sense of humor.”


Managing Director – Real Estate Development

“Colm is a talented, professional recruiter who is extremely thorough yet very efficient in his work. Colm brings to his assignment the industry knowledge, experience and enthusiasm necessary to ensure success for his clients. I would highly recommend him without reservation.”


President – Organic Dyes & Pigments LLC

“I have worked with Colm as a client, a candidate and an industry resource for more than a decade. He has perfected the art of listening, which produces exceptional outcomes. Anyone doing business with him can expect the same level of service and commitment I have had with him over the years.”


President – Subcontractor

“Colm has delivered on top quality talent on every search I have tasked him with. He and his firm brings a perception of the potential candidates not typically detailed by other recruiters. Look forward to working with him in the future.”


President – Subcontractor

“Writing a recommendation for Colm would seem at first to be a pretty simple task. He represents the finest candidates and companies looking for superstars. He’s honest. He’s responsive and creative. But after seeing what Colm did for me personally and what he did for my career – this recommendation could go on for pages, he’s THAT good! The job he placed me in transformed me personally and professionally and was a situation that I had only dreamed of with a company that was looking for somebody exactly like me. He stayed in touch years after I was at my new job just to say hello. Most recruiters are simply looking to fill a placement and collect a fee – Colm is not one of those guys. If you need to find that dream job or need a superstar to come work for you, call Colm, he’s the best.”


Sales Manager – Subcontractor

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Colm to discuss a significant hire I was contemplating. His insight was invaluable. This is a man that knows people and has an understanding of the construction business that only comes with experience. The meeting was one of the most informative and enjoyable meetings I have had in recent memory.”


President – General Contractor